The top bridal makeup artists in Delhi are usually booked for several months. They rarely find an opening on their calendar on short notice. If you are looking for the top bridal makeup artist in Delhi, here are a few characteristics that you should look for in the options that you have.


The Type of Setup Used

The best wedding makeup artists in Delhi use nothing but the finest makeup materials. They have high-quality and branded makeup toolkits to offer a professional service to the clients. A wide array of high-tech equipment helps these makeup artists prepare you for your big day in time.


Affordability and Convenience

The cost of bridal makeup in Delhi can go from a few thousand to several lakh rupees. The overall cost of the makeup depends on the number of services that the bride wants to avail. The best bridal makeup artists can charge several thousand rupees just to set the bride’s hair in the correct fashion. If money is not a major concern for the bride, one should always opt for a full treatment that usually lasts for over a week.

Even convenience is a major concern for the brides in Delhi due to its harsh traffic and weather conditions. The top bridal makeup artists in Delhi can travel to the wedding location directly to provide the service on spot. For more equipment-intensive tasks, these artists can establish an active partnership with a parlour located close to the wedding location.


A Great Portfolio

The top bridal makeup artists in Delhi will have offered their services to various clients throughout India. They will have built a great portfolio and will offer a wide array of services. Some of these makeup artists work in teams of 5-6 people to provide comprehensive services to their clients. While choosing the right partner for your makeup, ask for a complete portfolio and design choices. Most professional bridal makeup artists will have pictures of their work in form of an organized catalogue.


Urgency and Preparation

The artist that you choose should also be able to fit into your tight schedule effectively. Ideally, the whole process can take up to 2 weeks. However, some makeup artists can use the necessary treatment to complete the makeup of the bride within a few hours. It is always a good idea for the bride to relax and let the bridesmaids and family members handle all the preparations for the big day. This way, the makeup artist can truly work on a carefree and natural canvas of the bride’s face.

Choosing the best wedding makeup artist in Delhi is a battle since it requires a lot of planning and considerations beforehand. Ask your partner to present all the different options that you have for a complete makeup experience.


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